Assistant-Headteachers’ Introduction

Ms Oluyemi Ayodele
 Assistant Headteacher in charge of Inclusion, Early Years & Primary School
I am a successful and highly experienced education practitioner with almost 2 decades of teaching and providing the vision and leadership required to ensure high quality education for all students.
I am an education expert with a bias for working with students with special needs; I am adept at designing learning interventions for special needs students and have experience formulating corporate school policies and teaching strategies as well as managing educational transformations.
With almost 20 years post-graduate experience in Early Years and Primary School spanning some high-ranking educational institutions in Nigeria, with the last 6 years in top management position, I join The Bridge International School as the Assistant Head Teacher in charge of Primary, Inclusion and Early Years.
I oversee the Special Needs portfolio, which is inclusion for whole school from Early Years to the Sixth Form. I bring to the table hands-on experience in designing and delivering intensive interventions, based on several years of educational practice.
I am motivated by the strong confidence that “Every Child Matters”, as such ‘No Child is Left Behind’. I continue to ensure that every child make progress regardless of their aptitude.
I hold a Bachelor of Education in Guidance and Counselling and possess several certifications in Early Years and Primary school education from various national and international bodies.
I am also an agent of teachers professional development; I am a facilitator and a motivational speaker who has spoken at various educational and youth conferences across Nigeria.
In my spare time, I enjoy African poetry, modern Fencing, traveling and video editing.

Ms. Ayuk Evelyn
 Assistant Headteacher in charge of the Curriculum and the Secondary School
I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education and have been teaching for 23 years in both International and National Schools. I do teach Biology up to the Advanced Level, Science and Mathematics in both the Primary and Secondary schools. Presently, I am a certified Cambridge Programme leader in charge of training school leaders. I have held several leadership positions as Principal, Headteacher, Dean of Studies and Exams Officer. In these capacities, I have been responsible for recruiting, training and supervising teachers and registering, following up and preparing students for both international and national exams (AP, IGCSE and A Levels). I am focused, tasked oriented, self-motivated and I have developed a proactive and responsible approach to any task that I undertake through the intensive professional development opportunities that I have been exposed to. I am very passionate in my teaching and always strive to bring out the best in my students due to my drive for academic excellence