Headteacher’s welcome

Ms Patricia Babin 
BA(Hons), MA, PGCE, LftM, NPQH

As Headteacher, I feel truly blessed to have a very supportive team of educators in my team and to receive great support from our school community, governors and parents.

Our school has organised many educational and cultural events and trips for the students throughout the school year, furthermore, the Bridge is truly an international school where international mindedness is promoted and where through the Cambridge Curriculum and its Global Perspective teaching, we encourage sustainable values in all students across the school, whether it be fostering environmental stewardship to help our students better understand what environmental issues exist and how to tackle them.

Our school has achieved a great deal during 2018-2019. However, we must remind all constituents, that the milestones described here would not have been possible without the support of an unflinching and passionate team of teachers, administrators and supportive parents.

The Bridge is now 5 years of age, and is proving to transcend all known norms of school timelines.

In its 5th year it will be able to boast, amongst other achievements, the following:

  • Moving to digital, classrooms are fully equipped with projectors and speakers, our school reports , communications and surveys are all digitally produced in an effort to be a green school.
  • Being the pioneer Cambridge Accredited School in Douala
  • Being a COBIS (Council of British Accredited School) Compliance accredited School.
  • Being a founding Member an International School association CISA (Cameroon International Schools Association).

These are a few of the school’s milestones for the academic year 2018-2019 and as The Bridge moves into a new era, it will know fundamental changes that will enable it to sustainably grow into the school it is promised to be. To our supportive parents, we extend thanks for your time, contribution and encouragement. To our dear students, we promise a school with structure and safety allowing you to becoming lifelong learners and achievers but also the best human beings you can be. Human beings who will take an active role in wanting to have a positive impact on the world they will be stepping into. This wish, is extended particularly to our graduating class 2019, they will be our best ambassadors. To colleagues, as we embark on another exciting and challenging year. Corneille once said “To win without risk is to triumph without glory”. So let us take this challenge head on. Lastly, we would like to thank the School Board for their continued support.