TBIS Christmas Celebration 2019

The Christmas show 2019 was a memorable experience at The Bridge International School. The students from Early Years to 6th Form all displayed awesome Christmas performances ranging from singing of Christmas carols, Christmas drama, piano playing, orchestra, and recitations to breath-taking dance displays. What a show of talent from students who had also worked very hard to end the term. Indeed, at The Bridge International School, our students have the opportunity to display their diversity as well as their talents with the unending support of our dedicated staff.

A big thanks to our Santa team, that thrilled the students with wonderful gifts, leaving smiles on countless faces.

The Christmas event was a great come together for the students, staff and parents; all had a wonderful time sharing both presentations and meals together. Thanks to the generous contributions from everyone who blessed us on the day, We care, We share, We learn together, our school motto came into action once again.

Enjoy the colourful photos…

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